Colors Splayed Across the Ice


Fascinated by the Antarctic tundra, Andrea Juan creates works that place boldly colored man-made objects against the ice. In  New Species (2011) bright colors warm the landscape while reminding the viewer of global warming.


The performance installation New Eden (2012) took place in Antarctica last winter. Large pieces of mesh in neon colors flow over large expanses of ice without touching the ground. Like soft and delicate living organisms, the sheer net moves between the shapes of ice blocks in the land and clouds in the sky, while changing the perception of an otherwise frosty landscape. –Artnet (Above & Below, from New Eden series)




Shooting in Antarctica


Andrea Juan works with photography, digital video, graphic art and installations, exhibiting her works internationally and curating group and solo exhibitions. Since 2004 she has carried out performances and video installations in Antarctica based on scientist investigations related to climate changes.  (Above: One of her video installations)

Andrea Juan’s website, here.

She is a Guggenheim Fellow, see more here.

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