Fiber and Paper

Illustrations in Paper Cut Style


Estonian illustrator and graphic designer Eiko Ojala creates these works as if they’ve been paper cut, although they are actually drawn.  It’s his skill with light and shadow that makes the landscapes and figures pop. This popular artist shows up now frequently on book covers, in magazines and in major media such as The New York Times.







Eiko Ojala’s website, here.

His Facebook, here.

On Behance, here.

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  1. I just love your art work, I could live with it on my wall no problem. I suppose it’s like a modern and more interesting take on Origami WONDERFUL keep up the great work.


  2. The one with the landscape is beautiful. For some reason it reminds me of Tove Jansson and her Moomin stories – the same feel of homeliness and hauntedness (yes, I know it’s not a word). Maybe it’s something about that part of the Baltic Sea area?


        • No, you misunderstand me. I love to be introduced to new artists through comments on the blog. I call it tutoring but it’s very welcome. I wouldn’t have known about Jansson or Moomin, just something I never came across before. Keep doing it!!


          • You never heard about the Moomins? These are the best children’s stories ever – and not just children’s, this lady was a real psychologist. I was reading one of the books where Papa Moomin decided to move the whole family to a small island and suddenly I thought: “this is a perfect depiction of a mid-life crisis!”. Really amazing, highly recommended. For some reason she doesn’t seem to be commonly known in the English-speaking world, but there is a translation. And of course she was a highly skilled illustrator. I think she illustrated the Finnish edition of “Alice in Wonderland”, but not entirely sure on this one 🙂


            • Right, I knew nothing about her, or the stories, so I was delighted to learn. Thank you for that extra info, which caused me to put them on my library list (in my community, we apparently have just volume 7 – Return to Moomin Valley). Sounds like sun deck reading to me.


  3. What a fantastic talent. It blows my mind to think these are drawings and not paper cut illustrations.


  4. Hi Everyone – You are all exactly right . . . it’s very hard to believe it isn’t paper cut. He’s so good, and incredibly popular as an illustrator right now. Thanks for all your comments.


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