David Humphrey’s Fluid Pop Surrealism

humphrey1There’s so much movement in these paintings by David Humphrey – motion captured, action about to begin and movement implied.  Momentum animates the cartoon-style figures and surreal backgrounds, down to the sweeping motion of Humphrey’s emboldened brush.


Humphrey’s newest works created much buzz in an exhibition at Fredericks and Freiser, New York, last fall.  Critics described him as a master of contrast, a purveyor of abstract forms and figurative elements that jostle each other for the viewer’s attention.


“Since the early 1990s he has been notable for paintings of surreal sexiness, postmodern snap, and painterly discrimination,” David Brody wrote in an artcritical review. Humphrey is a celebrated art critic himself, and Senior Critic at Yale University School of Art.




David Humphrey’s website, here.

An interview with David Humphrey on ArtSlant, here.

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  1. Wow. While this isn’t my preferred style of art there is so much to admire here. I love the surrealism. of the paintings and the sense that something is about to happen. I agree, the sense of implied movement and the fluidity of colour are commendable. The sense of expectation makes the viewer an active participant rather than a passive onlooker. Having seen this post this morning has awakened and stirred my passion for the creative process. Thank you for a great post and sharing this wonderful work.


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