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Tony Fitzpatrick: Biker Clubs and Moths

tony-DevilsDisciplesThese collages by Tony Fitzpatrick developed from his interest in biker clubs, which Fitzpatrick says “channel the pure rebellious side of human nature.”  He crafts each work to hold a world of information: his poetic take on a local legend, a historical figure, a creature of fascination to him, or a geographical location.

The Black Knights, Yellow Jackets, Stoned Riders and Black Widows are among clubs represented in an exhibition at Pierogi in Brooklyn. Other drawings are devoted to one of Fitzpatrick’s other loves — moths.


“I tend to return to moths from time to time as a subject, particularly when describing a place. They are so much part of my childhood—the big, beautiful buckeye moths that used to scare me as a kid, . .the tiny, white powdery ghost moths that seemed so ephemeral and fleeting.  -from the exhibition notes.


Tony Fitzpatrick is a passionate storyteller conveying his tales across multiple media: as a playwright, a stage and film performer, a radio personality, and as a visual artist through his drawing collages and etchings.

Tony Fitzpatrick’s website on WordPress, here.

His Facebook, here.

Images are from the exhibition page at Pierogi gallery, here.

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