Lauren Luloff’s fabric paintings

Lauren_FrancescaAndGeraniumBrooklyn-based artist Lauren Luloff’s first solo show in Canada explores life through large scale paintings created by layering fabric painted in bleach and oil. Her work often relates to domestic life, with bed sheets as material, and images of vases and teapots. (Above: Francesca & Geranium – Oil, bleached bed sheets and fabric on muslin 74″ x 58″)


The physical texture of the work in conjunction with the pattern element, consummate a surreal effect, playing on the viewers perception of foreground and background. She composes organic shapes which allude to foliage through textile elements seen in microscopic plant life -Notes from the exhibition, at Cooper Cole in Toronto through May 25. (Above: Katherine and Kalifa – Oil, bleached bed sheets and fabric on muslin. 57″ x 74″)

Lauren_HourglassFigureHourglass Figure – Oil, bleached bed sheets and fabric on muslin, 75″ x 58″

Lauren-DailyRitualDaily Ritual – Oil, bleached bed sheets and fabric on muslin, 74″ x 58″

Lauren_installationviewLauren Luloff’s blog, here.

Some great images from her studio, on Pencil in the Studio, here.

A New York Times profile, here.

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  1. i somehow missed your latest posts. in any case i wanted to write to you for another reason. i’m in toronto now till end of this month! yesterday i visited the art exhibition and sale at Bays St. and enjoyed myself immensely. I could actually recognize one artist (Kelly Grace – and I could identify her just from her work – without seeing her name – it gave me such a thrill), whom I had known and liked from your blog. It was almost like finding an old friend in a faraway country :). Thanks once more for this beautiful blog you maintain.

    if you could suggest to me what other places in Toronto I could visit to see some more of Canadian art, it would be really great. I was already planning to go to AGO…


  2. I just got back from the Cooper Cole Gallery where I got to see these gorgeous pieces first hand. When I saw your post earlier today, I went straight there. For anyone, like me, who is looking for inspiration re: art and fabric there is an extra bonus to seeing these works first hand. Thanks for the tip Boomer!


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