Mixed Media

Relja Penezic: ‘Whatever it takes to construct an image’

Relja Penezic1

Los Angeles-based Relja Penezic’s mixed media works utilize a variety of techniques: collage, assemblage, digital compositing and color correction, photography, oil and watercolor painting, video stills . . . whatever it takes to construct an image.  Above: Two Summers (Alternate Parking Memories)

collage2Four Days


Multiple Sky Choices for East 86th Street


Golden Sunsets #3

collage-volcanoBlue Volcano

collage-bridgeDecorating Meadowlands

collage-shipSnow Drift

collage-treesThree Days

Relja Penezic is a painter, video artist, printmaker, photographer, and a filmmaker focusing on public art installations. His work is a multimedia blend that combines technology and painting, performance and video, art and craft. Penezic exhibits his work internationally and his short films are regularly shown at film festivals throughout the world.

See more on his website, here.

His Facebook, here.

A long biography on SaatchiOnline, here.

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  1. Really interesting take on the instagram generation, the snapshot format juxtaposed beautifully with the delicacy in painting style


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