Month: June 2013

Collected: Family Objects

Forence-based art director and photographer Camilla Catrambone pays homage to her family with these individualized portraits, focused on the treasured articles her loved ones have owned or worked with.  Marvelous composition. (Above: Grandma Ilva – Mario’s wife)

Paul Wackers: Custodians & Collectors

Brooklyn-based American artist Paul Wackers focuses on the small things that fill our intimate spaces in his first solo exhibition at Toronto’s Narwhal Projects.  In the new works (Almost Somewhere), Wackers explores the “current resurgence of the abstract,” the gallery notes.

Larisa Ilieva’s Art Play

The explosive colors of Paris-based Bulgarian artist Larisa Ilieva pop from her “technique mixte” – acrylic, pen-china ink, collage, pastel on canvas, paper, board, stone and plastic. Ilieva says she loves using the mixed materials “to make an art-play in the space” she’s using.

The Art of Hockey . . . Equipment

Toronto artist Liz Pead settled on broken hockey equipment and used jerseys when she went looking for “a truly Canadian material” for her works.  The landscape, hockey and the environment play large roles in how she expresses Canadian identity. (Above: Georgian Bay, 30 x 36″)