Mixed Media

Larisa Ilieva’s Art Play


The explosive colors of Paris-based Bulgarian artist Larisa Ilieva pop from her “technique mixte” – acrylic, pen-china ink, collage, pastel on canvas, paper, board, stone and plastic. Ilieva says she loves using the mixed materials “to make an art-play in the space” she’s using.


I begin my work like a nonsense game of chaos patterns that appear by chance on the surface of the canvas. Then step by step, day after day, new patterns appear over, like the events of my life appear over the past.


Ilieva’s inspirations are  wind, sea, sun and other natural elements.  An artist for 20 years, her style turned to abstracts in 2009. She is a graduate of the faculty of arts in Veliko Turnovo, Bulgaria



See more on Larisa Ilieva’s website, here.

A profile interview on SaatchiOnline, here.

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  1. Larisa, wonderful to make contact with you again. We met in Veliko Tărnovo when you were still at Art College.I was working with Marusya Hristova and Mariana. I am the Irish guy who gave you the book of Irish landscapes and I treasure your first painting which you gave me. Your work is full of life and happiness and joy. I hope we can meet soon again. Liam . LIAMDINNEEN 0872438675


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