Dr. Easy: Art of the Robot


The robot is superb in this short film, the prologue for a planned feature adaptation of The Red Men, a cult sci-fi novel by Matthew De Abaitua.  It’s about a robot with medical training dispatched to negotiate between armed police and a man with a gun. Presented by Warp Films, FILM4 and SHYNOLA.  Details on Vimeo, here. More about Dr. Easy, here.

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  1. I dont think its an good idea to send a rebort to negotiate. it might reduce the tension of the people inside. but a robort cant deal well with urgency. take example in this video. if the police and stop the people after he get injected something and leave his gun away. he might not have the chance to die.



  2. Dang, I wanted to see this entire story . . . thought it was painful even at this short length. Looks like it will make an intriguing full feature film. Thanks for sharing!


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