Fiber and Paper

Annie Terrazzo: Working in Trash

annie1It was no surprise when one of Saatchi Online’s senior curators highlighted mixed media artist Annie Terrazzo’s latest work this week. The portrait artist, who works in trash and newspapers, has a hot exhibition schedule and a growing following.  I became a fan when she exhibited in Toronto last year. (Above: Fish Kiss 2)

annie-modrocker-A Condition of Today

annie-2-Tell Me What Your Boyfriend Thinks About Your Braces

“I love portraiture . . . but really wanted to find a new and interesting way to show it. Using the newspapers to tell the story or the headlines as the heart of the person I am drawing creates a fuller understanding of the subtext or the joke I’m trying to make.”  –Artist Statement

annie3-Sex, Drugs & Stag Sweaters

The Los Angeles based artist overlays portraits on papers from around the world.  The idea came to her on the tube into London after getting off a plane at Heathrow.  The hundreds of discarded newspapers on the subway floor prompted her to imagine them as free art supplies, she says in her profile. “My work has always been about trash.”

annie-putonashow-Let’s Put on a Show and Save the Town

annie4-Sanity and Happiness May be an Unachievable Combination / Below: See You in the Funny Papers


Terrazzo covers her work in plastic and heat & light resistant glue. She says each page is a story, telling more than she could ever paint and that she wants the viewer to read her work, not just look.

Annie Terrazzo’s website, here.

Her work at Saatchi Online, here.

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  1. Liked this one crazy art piece-two girls sitting in front of a comic strips glued to a wall. Reminds me of Henry Darger’s work “Into the realms of the unreal.” Good website. ATK


  2. Like it a lot. I want to write about different illustration “inspirations methods” – I want to refer to those illustrations 🙂


  3. Reblogged this on Getting in? One Girl's Perspective: Blacks in Art and commented:
    This too awesome. I wish there was more work like this. I find that found objects art so interesting and enlighten. I have always been a fan of mixed media and sculptures. My favorite mixed media family is the Saars’. Each of these women have a very unique yet similar work style. It’s a narrative that resonates so well with me. What do you think about this form of art?


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