Street art

Street Photographers Stop Time Cold


The street photographers in All Day Everyday’s new film consider the camera a gift, an activist tool, a key to forbidden places, the only mechanism that stops time cold.  The feature documentary from photographer and film maker Cheryl Dunn was an official selection of the 2013 Hot Docs Festival.  Everybody Street explores the art of New York’s iconic street photographers and the hustle it takes to work that city. This  trailer – inspiring and tutorial – is a fascinating glimpse into the mindset of some of the world’s best shooters.

Everybody Street Trailer from ALLDAYEVERYDAY on Vimeo.

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  1. I find it most beautiful that we can freeze images like they are describing, and capture the essence of ideas, thoughts emotions and other values one finds in picture. It’s truly wonderful.
    Love the trailer!


  2. I agree with what people have said here – it’s an inspiring short blast of beat, gritty street life. An obsession with the camera, thrust in to situations with the body close behind getting battered and beaten and pulled thought the throng smell of the city’s crucible.


    • its the only tool that was stop time..cant agree anymore. there are too many secound that I want to go back and see it again if i heve the picture .everything prefect



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