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How to Sketch in Church: John Hendrix


John Hendrix is a renowned illustrator with a portfolio full of major projects, but his personal sketchbooks are worth a featured look. This sketch (you know – seraphim, the highest order of angels) was irresistible at this time of year.


He draws in church, every Sunday, and the flawless sketches are so colorful and inventive that I return to his sketchbook page over and over. He brilliantly interprets by hand what he hears from his pew.

“Simultaneous drawing and listening transforms familiar language into something  new – a feedback loop of symbols, theology and wonder.” – John Hendrix

hendrix-3Nothing static about Hendrix.  Here’s the same sketch in the form of a how-to GIF.


This one (below) is a winter sketch, from his archives. (Click on an image to find the original, often larger, view)


John Hendrix website, here.

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  1. We are a family of doodlers – church, doctor’s office, class – wherever, so I love love love these! (My doodles never look this good, but that doesn’t stop me) 😀


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