Gered Mankowitz: Vintage Stones

Caged SequenceVeteran rock photographer Gered Mankowitz is on exhibit at Atlas Gallery in London through January, 2014, showing from his personal collection of 1,000 previously unseen vintage silver gelatin prints of the Rolling Stones. (Above: at Ormond Yard, London, in early 1965)

visa portraits

The show – Vintage Stones – includes the earliest surviving prints of the band by Mankowitz on and off stage, and documents the period 1965-1967 when they were still relatively unknown. The exhibit is in honor of the 50th anniversary of the Stones.

Mick and BrianBrian Jones and Mick Jagger in New York on their US tour, October 1965

stones-collageLeft: Classic Mick Jagger / Right: Charlie Watts and Jagger kill time in the airport at the start of their American tour in October 1965

All photos from Atlas Gallery, which has an extensive slide show, here.

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  1. Keith Richards almost looks okay (at least he smiles in that one shot) but the rest are really some rather ugly blokes! I’m really being critical here, I know … LOL! But it’s interesting to see them way back before they were huge. I bet this entire show is fascinating.


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