Diving Into Tanja Vetter’s Enchanting Art


Tanja Vetter’s paintings are enchanting. There’s a magical combination of color, perspective and composition that triggers the impulse to dive into her scenes. (Above: Intermezzo)

enchanted3Based in Germany, Vetter has exhibited throughout Europe, winning the Palatinate Prize for visual arts in 2012 and the Heise Art Prize in Dessau in 2013. (Above: Lookout)

enchanted5 Her juxtaposition of light and dark, sparkling and flat, deep and shallow is superb. There’s a free-wheeling joy in her general style. It’s also rare to see an artist handle black so well. (Above: In Amazement)

enchanted1-Enchanted Place

enchanted7-Light Boat

enchanted4-Water Fun II

enchanted8-Another World

Vetter’s fantasy style and coloration remind me of similar artists I’ve posted on my other blog, Canadian Art Junkie.  Click on these thumbnails and see if you agree.


Tanja Vetter’s website, here.

On Saatchi Online, here.

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