World In Motion: Time-Lapse Art


The time-lapse photography of Michael Shainblum is the focus of two exquisite new short films, both released last night, focused on his exploration of southern California landscapes and the bold night sky.  One, a behind-the-scenes documentary, is part eloquent artist statement and part tutorial.  The other is Shainblum’s own enthralling visuals, the result of a year of work.

shainblum-profile Shainblum’s – called Into the Atmosphere – is all time-lapse motion of stars, clouds and sun. The Creators Project shot the profile of Shainblum and his work. See both videos below.  (Above: Shainblum sets up for a sunset shoot)

shainblum-selfportraitShainblum’s story is fascinating. He was diagnosed as a child with dyslexia, which interfered with his ability to do things that came easily to friends. He took up the camera to compensate and quickly learned that clicking the shutter over and over produced a video-like result. It hooked him on time-lapse for life. (Above: self-portrait)

shainblum-robotToday, Shainblum uses a mechanically controlled dolly system to regulate the interval between shots: “It’s like a robot that takes pictures for me,” he says.

shainblum-top2His enthusiasm for the shoot comes through clearly in both films, whether he’s capturing “the galactic core of the Milky Way” or “standing on top of a giant fog bank, feeling like you’re the only person in the world.”  My bet is you’ll watch both videos again and again.

Michael Shainblum’s website, here.

On Facebook, here.

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  1. That is really fantastic and some how magic! What a wonderful idea. I would have loved tonsee some of the sequences even in slower motion…. You can kind of getting lost in them .
    Thank you! Gerda


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