Erqi Luo – Leaving out part of the picture

shape-1No surprise that Saatchi Online picked Erqi Luo as an artist to watch.  The Shanghai-based artist has a special way with collage.  These works are from a series called Shape of Picture, assembled using paper cuts and remnants in a painterly way. Luo transforms discarded scraps of color and form into exquisitely made abstract collages.  (Click on images to see originals)

shape4A “less important part” is left out of all Luo’s Shape works, his indicator you should focus on what’s missing.


shape-top Shape-Working-in-studio

Erqi Luo is a lecturer in print-making at Shanghai University Fine Arts College.  He is a graduate of  Ecole de Beaux-Arts de Besaancon in France and of  Shanghai University.

See more on the Saatchi website, here.

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