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Rome Moleskines: Anita Davies

roma1If you are not familiar with the work of British artist Anita Davies, you’re missing out.  She is an inventive sketcher who melds her Moleskines seamlessly into everyday life – including this series on a trip to Rome.  I am a long-time fan.



roma3Anita Davies has a wonderful Flickr stream, here.

Her blog is here.

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  1. My pages often contain shopping lists, lesson plans for my art tutoring sessions, notes and general gibberish but are usually accompanied by a sketch or two throughout my day. Thank you all for your kind comments.


  2. Reblogged this on Jennifer Lynn Smith and commented:
    Welp! What a lovely sketchbook!! Mine are not nearly as nice!! Do you use your books to just jot notes or a glorified grocery list or do you expand your art to the pages?


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