New Media

The edgy new media art of Laramascoto

Lady Cyborg- the maker angel

In an art world moving toward awareness of the power of kinetic, robotic, sound, light and time-based new media, Laramascoto certainly has a place. You likely haven’t heard much about them yet, unless you’re in Spain.  But their creative approach to experimental animation and audiovisual installation is cutting edge.  (Above and below: from Lady Cyborg – mural and animation on mp4)

laramascoto-wallThe Laramascoto Colectivo is the Spanish team of Beatriz Coto and Santiago Lara, clearly emerging talents although there is not much on them yet outside Europe. (They have a WordPress blog, in Spanish, here.) Laramascoto is showing at ARCO Madrid 2014, the international contemporary art fair running through Feb 23rd.

Laramascoto-duoA 2013 exhibit with two 7-metre totems that integrated large screens with animation. 

laramascoto-multi Above: Grandes Avatares / Below: Leones / Bottom: Ready boots

Laramascoto-leones laramascoto-ready-boots

See their C.V. and artist statement page, here.

Their main WordPress site, which has a video for almost every project, here.

They are exhibiting at ARCO Madrid with the gallery Espacio Liquido, here.

(Click on images to see the original artists’ source / image at top of post is a screenshot from Lady Cyborg video on Vimeo, here. )

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