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James Kerr: Remixing the Renaissance in GIFs

adamandevepostYou’re aware of GIFs, no doubt, those loops of motion now in widespread use. You may also know there’s an international conversation under way on whether GIF-based work is really art, despite its recent explosion. Well Montreal artist James Kerr (aka Scorpion Dagger) is already validated. He’s just been exhibited at the Tate Britain in London.

Kerr is one of five international digital artists invited to convert any 19th century work of art from the Tate for an exhibition in its 1840s room. That gallery was turned into an animated display in an event that placed the original art beside the GIF.  That’s Kerr’s above – a remix of John Brett, Lady With A Dove: Madame Loeser.


Bravo to the Tate.  But this post is about Kerr, because he’s talented, funny and on the rise.


His Tumblr carries digital collages made mostly from northern and early Renaissance paintings. And you can see more on his Facebook here.


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