Sketch & Draw

Sketching in Marker


Toronto-based Nicole Little considers herself a marker artist, whose Moleskines show her unique style. She says she uses “a ton of different types and mix them pretty freely with india ink, pencil, pencil crayon, and oils, and what I end up with, simply because the medium is so damn new, is a fresh thing.”



Her mission is to “genuinely reflect real, diverse people” for art that endures.



“Buses and subways are my studio. This is where I honed my drawing skills and this is where I find my most inspiring subjects . . . Recently, I have been drawing travellers on maps, inviting the viewer to share the sense of location we feel as we chug through traffic or zoom through the underground.”

nicole-map 11736099075_2a35038c97_b

She has also recently done a series of sketches on lottery stubs. Below: Pretty Girls on Lotto Tickets.


Little is one of 13 artists in Sketching the Line, an exhibition of 78 sketches drawn by 13 artists featuring impressions of fellow commuters, part of PATTISON’s ongoing Art in Transit program.


  • Nicole Little’s Flickr site, here.

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