Wool and the art of carpets

rug3Alexandra Kehayoglou is a wool artist based in Argentina who learned her hand-tufting techniques from Greek grandparents who brought their rug and carpet making traditions with them when they immigrated to South America.


Her creative inspirations include the landscapes of her country and her childhood garden.








These images are from @alexkeha on Instagram

See her formal portfolio on her website, here.

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  1. Wow! This is a good example of why hand tufted rugs can offer so much more detail and individual creative style!
    Great Job : )


  2. How totally unique. It just shows that creativity can take many forms. You build on what you know. With her family’s background in carpet making it makes sense that she would build on that. Her work is beautiful and I am assuming from the size of her pieces she must be successful.


    • I believe she is very successful and I wish I could read her comments in her language. She is clearly imbued with the family’s artistic history, and her work is wonderful.


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