Jason Walker’s powerful porcelain sculptures


Jason Walker bases his thought-provoking ceramic works on his experiences bicycle touring, backpacking and daily hikes as he explores the widening gap between civilization and the naturel world.  On the River, Down the Road at Bellevue Arts Museum focuses on the ruthless erosion of nature by a world fixated on technology. (Above:  “Redtail,” porcelain, stoneware, underglaze, china paint and concrete 32x64x52″ Below: Redtail detail)

Walker - Redtail Detail

Walker - Split down the Middle installation

“Light bulbs, plugs, power-lines and pipes that grow from the earth are common images found in my work, juxtaposed with birds, insects, and organic matter such as leaves and trees,” Walker says in his artist statement.  “The gap between man-made and natural is ever increasing.” (Above: Installing “Split Down the Middle, but One Always Wants More,” porcelain, stoneware, underglaze, china paint and concrete, 9′ x 6′ x 45″)

The painted porcelain works often take the form of wild animals domesticated by industry, creating unsettling evidence of how man negatively influences the natural environment.

Jason Walker is represented by Ferrin Contemporary gallery, here.  (Images are courtesy Ferrin Contemporary)

Walker’s personal website, here.


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