Getting Naked @THEMUSEUM

GettingNaked1THEMUSEUM has achieved what the Canada Council Art Bank in Ottawa is not normally able to do. The Kitchener institution is mounting Getting Naked, a collection of all-but-forgotten unclothed or naked pieces of art, many by Canadian icons such as Jack Chambers that are held in the bank’s large collection but rarely see the light of day.

payce_ gregory01

“We have 17,000 works of art by Canadian artists at the Art Bank, but for a number of reasons the small collection of nudes do not get rented out to boardrooms or office spaces,” says Victoria Henry, Art Bank director.  (Top: Glenn Howarth: Portrait of Laura No. 1, 1973 / Above:  Gregory Payce: Parian, 2007. Note: Observe the image created in the space between these objects to see why the piece is included in the show)

At a time when sex and nudity are commonplace online, it might seem puzzling that the mostly corporate patrons of the Art Bank eschew some of its most interesting – albeit risqué – holdings. That’s partly what prompted CEO David Marskell of THEMUSEUM to mount the show.

“This is a rare opportunity to not only see these incredible works of art but also have a conversation about why Canadian culture shies away from nudity,” Marskell says. “We want this exhibit to inspire discussion.”

Website for THEMUSEUM here

A  longer feature on Getting Naked in The Toronto Star here.




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