Sketch & Draw

Urban Sketchers

Dixie Music in Seville

The Urban Sketchers cooperative hosts fascinating works by sketchers all over the world, often with back stories told in the artist’s comments. Here is a typical selection, with links to each original narrative. (Above: Dixie Music in Seville: Inma Serrano in Seville, Spain)


Cafe CultureCafe Culture: Cherie Jerrard, Shrewsbury, UK


Superbowl City


Superbowl City: Cathy McAuliffe, San Francisco


I Can't Eat Until I Finish Sketching

I can’t eat until I finish sketching: Mike Daikubara from Boston


Iowa Voted Tonight

Iowa Voted Tonight: Marcia Milner-Brage in Cedar Falls, Iowa


Travels in the Yucatan

Travels in the Yucatan / Mayan Ruins: Suhita Shirodkar

More on Urban Sketchers website, here.

Or Urban Sketchers Facebook, here.

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