Children show their art

magic-headerThe town of Collingwood, Ontario is the site of Canada’s largest children’s art exhibition, now in its 22nd year, and a special experience at a time when the arts are missing in so many schools.

Magic of Children in the Arts, founded by artist Lory MacDonald, features professionally hung art, reviews of each work by professional artists and a prize of art materials for every child who participates. It runs March 4 through April 28 more details here.

Just shy of 1,000 submissions came in for the 2016 show from K-to-8 children in and around Collingwood, a rapidly growing community north of Toronto on Georgian Bay.  MacDonald is an artist and art producer (she also runs ArtFest Ontario) who created Magic of Children in the Arts, a registered charitable organization, in 1994.

“There is something delightful about children’s artwork – full of the joy, innocence, stories and interpretations of their world,” MacDonald says.

“Everyone marvels and loves this show. By acknowledging the children’s creativity in the exhibition, we plant the seed for a lifetime of arts appreciation and participation. It is truly a wonderful event and we have tremendous support from the community.”

All 900+ of the 2016 artworks can be viewed in online galleries, here.



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  1. anngrafics

    I love looking at children’s artworks. The local library always has a show every year by local school children and every darn year I find something I would LOVE to own, but I’m sure the parents would never consider parting with their kids’ work (I sure wouldn’t!), so I take a photos and save them and just look at them every so often. I have 4 kids, three of whom actively make art, and it’s so hard to get any work from them! They give it away to friends. Grrr. 🙂


  2. Resa

    I’m reminded of the saying “It takes a village to raise a child” (even though Collingwood is a town.)
    22 years… Congratulations to the Magic of Children in the Arts, and to Collingwood, a town that has always supported artists.


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