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Travel: Sketch & Draw

urban sketchesr1Whether you’re planning a trip for summer, or just back from a winter jaunt, the many faces of travel are in these sketches from Instagram.Β  Above: @jdhanchett – Cruising through the Alps


@senoajisketsa Bike camping


@annelaurewatercolor Sketching in Portugal. “It’s so lovely, and so enjoyable to sketch there!”


@youkki_art Valencia



@virginiaillustration The fish market, Napoli.


@paulheaston First plane ride for Juni, who slept the whole way. Not the first plane ride for @lindamade or me, who crocheted and sketched all the way

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    • Hi Anita – If you click on the artist’s @name under each image, you’ll be taken to their Instagram page. Don’t have their blog pages, but I imagine most of them have them – again listed on their Instagram profile?

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  1. These are all amazing!!! I love illustrators! So impressed!! Thanks for sharing all of these I will try and hunt them all down individually now πŸ™‚


  2. I love this post! Did you just swim around on Instagram and pick images? I can get lost over there cruising through all the wonderful stuff. I like the new blog format you have here as well – I may be late to notice, not sure when you did that. πŸ™‚


    • I follow Urban Sketchers on Instagram and noticed a lot of travel, so decided to post. I can get lost also, which is why I try to limit my wanderings to a few I’m following. Doesn’t always work. And you’re right on time over my new format. I just did it a few days ago, thanks. It works better on iPad and mobile than the old one I had.

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