Christian Hetzel

Christian Hetzel; Acrylic Painting fresh green

Once in a while, I feel a punch when I first glimpse a piece of art.  It means the work has struck a special chord, although I love and appreciate all kinds of art. This one by Christian Hetzel, sighted on Saatchi, did it for me. See his website here.

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  1. I like it too. I take photos of things that look like this kind of art. They aren’t meant to be art, but they look like paintings. Of course I’m just one of thousands on sites like Instagram that do this, focusing on paint and decay and rust and things that appear like paintings but are just part of the natural landscape around us, pulled out and framed as new pieces. I love paintings like this and others must as well, seeing as there are so many tags on Instagram and elsewhere for things like “accidental art”. Of course I ramble – this isn’t accidental art here, but it looks almost like it, which is hard to achieve!


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