Barry Underwood Lights the Environment

Blue Drill, 2015

Barry Underwood documents his light-driven environmental installations in long-exposure photographs, showing now at Sous Les Etoiles Gallery in New York.

Inspired by the famous folk tune, “This Land is Your Land” written by Woody Guthrie, Underwood’s series of the same name affirms his standing as an environmentalist photographer and ecological advocate, the gallery says.

SirnaFarm_Woods , 2016

“I strive to foster awareness of environmental change by engaging viewers in playful interactions, offering a novel lens through which to consider the impact of human action on our surroundings,” Underwood says. (See his full artist statement here.)

Pipeline , 2015

He builds tableaus, temporary sculptural structures, on site in landscapes he has researched, marking them with materials such as LED lights and luminescent substances.

Barry Underwood’s portfolio, here.

Gallery exhibition website, here.

Jackson Wyoming (for Rainer) , 2016


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