Mixed Media

Minas Halaj: Tar and Florals

Floral Mind #25, 2017 Oil, wax, textile, mixed media on panel, 46×38 in.

Minas Halaj mixes elements of his classical education with contemporary influences to provide what he calls “a symphony of graphics, sculptures, collages and figurative compositions that indulge the senses.”

Floral Mind #5. 2015, Oil, emulsion, textile, tar, mixed media on panel, 40×30 in.

His oil-and-mixed-media works are attracting the attention of global art collectors. He uses a variety of recycled material including tar as part of the background, and pieces of pre-Victorian dresses to add texture and dimension. This collection, called Floral Minds, is reminiscent of the old World masters.

Floral-Mind 21, 2016, oil textile mixed media on panel 48×42 in.

See the full collection on Minas Halaj’s website, here.

On Saatchi Art, here.

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  1. I think it’s a very beautiful technical approach, and love the clash of a new modern voice with respects to classics. I can see why art collectors have taken notice.

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