Carolien Wissing’s architectural palette

Amsterdam-based artist Carolien Wissing’s architectural paintings feature sober, color palettes of abandoned buildings.

Hemweg Headquarters

Wissing “finds beauty in the urban environment, capturing the sense of dynamism light can add to otherwise typical city scenes,” Saatchi Art says in a “One to Watch” artist feature (here).

Amsterdam Central Station

Wissing was trained as an ‘Architectural Designer’ but found out she was more fascinated by the atmosphere of environment. She says she gets inspired by the “peri-urban fringe, where the existence of culture fades and slowly merges into the landscape of nature.”

See more of her work on Saatchi Art, here.

Carolien Wissing’s website, here.

Click on the image to enlarge and see details on the Saatchi site.

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  1. She’s new to me, and I like her art, so far! I’m an urban city dweller and no stranger to abandoned buildings and urban decay. It will be interesting to see where she takes her art, and any message she is developing.

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