Mixed Media

Wrong-Handed Artists

Each artist in this Italian-French duo uses his less dominant hand to paint simultaneously on one canvas.

Thomas Marroni (Rome, 1984 Above, Left) and Romain Ouanely (Paris, 1987, Above Right) are an artistic partnership established in 2010. They live and work between Paris and Rome.

Aiming to expand their creative method, the two right-handed artists both use “their left hand in order to destabilize the technique, erase the know-how and thus leave the field open to their unconscious” – Artist Statement


Marroni & Ouanely are on exhibition in the U.K. with their series Cagnara, an Italian word meaning a ‘noisy disturbance’ most often used to refer to a group of dogs barking.  Above: A piece from one of their ongoing projects, Mortadella.

Installation view, Cagnara exhibition, Public Gallery, London

The artists’ Instagram, here.

Marroni & Ouanely website, here.

Public Gallery, London, here.

Image at the top of the post:  History of Fun III, 2018, mixed media on assembled neoprene canvas, 120 x 170 cm

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