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The painting on this page, by Emily Carr, a  favourite, is the quintessential example of art that many Canadians grew up with. Today, the selection goes well beyond Canada’s still-beloved Group of  Seven.

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*Re Emily Carr’s painting, originally titled Indian Church (above).

In May, 2018, the Art Gallery of Ontario, which holds the piece, re-hung the painting with a new name because the word “Indian” causes pain, the AGO said.

The new name Church at Yuquot Village references the British Columbia Indigenous community where the church was located.

A CBC piece about the name change is here.

Image credit: Emily Carr, Church In Yuquot Village, 1929. Oil on Canvas. Bequest of Charles S. Band, Toronto 1970, Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto. Copyright Art Gallery of Ontario 2007


  • dianabyrne

    This painting by Emily Carr is currently on view in the Musée D’Orsay, Paris where I first heard about the Group of Seven. The exhibition also includes Isolation Peak another powerful painting from Lawren Harris from this group.

    • J Walters

      Lucky lady, to see it there! She was not technically a member of the Group of Seven, but associated with them and definitely part of that style of painting. Lawren Harris, on the other hand, is often considered the centrifugal force of the group. Powerful is exactly the right word. Thank you for the info. I did not know there was an exhibition in Paris.

  • Vanessa McKernan

    Hi boomertoronto,
    What a lovely blog. Rachel Berman’s work is new to me and gorgeous. Thanks for sharing that. I have a show of figurative work opening in Toronto on Thursday November 20th that I think you would enjoy looking at and might consider reviewing/ posting on your site. The exhibition “Piano Children” is an exploration of childhood and family that plays with ideas of tragedy and nostalgia. These narratives are centered around the experiences, dreams and memories of myself and my seven siblings. Anyways, hope you can take a looks 🙂 More details can be found on my website: http://www.vanessamckernan.com

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