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Jonathan Lasker’s edgy playfulness

Jonathan Lasker is in his 60s now and so well established for a unique combination of sophistication and playfulness that his paintings easily command six figures plus. (Below: Pride of Being, 1993. $300,000, at the Armory Show, Cheim and Read.  Above: When Dreams Work, 1992.) “Lasker doesn’t waste […]

Peter Gentenaar: Paper Delights

Peter Gentenaar’s Street Baroque (above) is one of  his lyrical works  in hand-made paper that defy definition.  More than 100 of the ephemeral sculptures were hung in an abbey church at Saint-Riquier,  France,  in an exhibition that drew significant attention. Gentenaar, based in The Netherlands, has a comprehensive […]

Barbara Hirst: Absorbed by Water

Alberta artist Barbara Hirst has been absorbed by water all her life.  Her fixation on reflective illusion is present in all her works, often painted in far-flung locales from Ireland to Venice. -Liquid State, 2010 -Burano, 2011 – From a series painted in Venice To gaze at a […]

‘Graceful Arcs and Looped Lines’

Jorinde Voigt’s math and science based work got a lot of attention at The Armory Show in New York, the city where she is also having her U.S. debut this year at David Nolan Gallery in Chelsea. The German artist’s drawings (above, from her blog)  echo the grammatical […]

Kathy Venter’s Terra Cottas

British Columbia-based Kathy Venter is internationally known for her life size ceramic sculptures. -Sun, terra cotta, gypsum cement & wood, 50x20x32″ She is currently working toward a major exhibition in 2013 at the prestigious Gardiner Museum of Contemporary Ceramics in Toronto, building upon her long-standing reputation for the […]

Mysteries in Handmade Paper & Wood

It’s difficult to categorize the works of  Isabelle Leduc:  “Neither completely paintings, nor sculptures . . . . perhaps masks, architectural fragments, shields, organic elements, pebbles and rocks, enigmatic botanical species, pictograms?” critic René Viau once wrote.  (Above: Glossaire, 2008, paper, wood and acrylic, 40,5 x 30 x […]