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Hauling a Newfoundland House

This print by David Blackwood took me instantly to a haunting image in Annie Proulx’s The Shipping News, the scene where ancestors of the novel’s main character haul a house across the ice with ropes in the gray winter of Newfoundland.   Black Ice, a Blackwood exhibit, captures […]

iPhone Painting: David Hockney draws

David Hockney’s experimental iPhone and iPad drawings are on show at the Royal Ontario Museum Oct. 8 through Jan. 1, 2012, the renowned British artist’s first major show in Canada in more than two decades.  Hockney started painting with the Brushes app in 2008, first using thumb and […]

Haute Couture and the Madonna Bra

Fashionistas who wear stripes in the mode of Jean Paul Gaultier‘s famous sailor-ware get 50 per cent off at the landmark retrospective on the French designer at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts.  It’s been on only a month but the fashion-as-art collection is getting rave reviews.  From […]