Category: Artisans

Sonia King’s Coded Mosaic Message

Well known contemporary mosaic artist Sonia King hopes you’ll find your own meaning in her exceptional work: Coded Message: Invisible Ink. The tesserae in this large mosaic are fixed without visible adhesive on a hand-formed surface, reminiscent of rumpled piece of parchment. “This offers the possibility that the […]

Beau Dick: Masks to See & Then to Burn

Beau Dick, a Kwakwaka’wakw carver, based in Alert Bay, B.C., is on exhibition at Macaulay & Co. Fine Art in Vancouver in an unusual arrangement that speaks to the significance of the works. (Above: From Lattimer Gallery, Mourning Mask, an example of the exceptional range of this Pacific […]

Amanda McCavour: Dissolving Fabric

Amanda McCavour’s thread drawings are created on a sewing machine,  sewn into a fabric that then dissolves in water,  leaving just thread.  The intricate, detailed textile work flows from her interest in “the vulnerability of thread,  its ability to unravel, and its strength when it is sewn together.” […]

The Intrigue of Fibre, Fabric & Found Objects

Alice Vander Vennen works with multiple found materials – fabric, branches, wire, copper, paper and ceramic shards – as part of a visual language suggesting a story.  (Above: The Archer’s Dance, 25″ x 50″; found and new fabrics, hand-carved wood, sinew, copper wire, found objects) Left: Memory Stick,  […]

Preserving hand-set type and woodcuts

The Ohio-based design team of Sara and Bobby Rosenstock focuses on woodcuts and printing, using old type from local antique shops to preserve the traditional crafts of hand-setting type and carving wood. Called Just a Jar, they also do brand identity and packaging.  See more posters and other […]