Category: Ceramics

Ceramics: Girls with a Message

The little girls in Amanda Smith’s exceptional ceramics are the “mouthpieces” for her message, characters she feels comfortable speaking through. Under the candy-coated flowers and bright colors, her glazed and painted clay slabs communicate her concern about the great divide of class around the world.

Tamsin van Essen: Abundant Decay

British artist Tamsin van Essen captures the fragile moment when abundance turns to decay in these ceramic works inspired by 17th century Dutch vanitas paintings. The exuberant decoration disrupts the vases’ forms, implying deterioration and ruin. She says the works are “frozen in time as disintegration begins, . […]

Ceramics: The Artifacts Series

Kenneth Baskin’s inspired mechanical objects are artifacts, derived from the advent of the industrial revolution.  The works may look like metal, but are almost entirely ceramic.  Baskin says our industrial roots are a starting point for explorations of form and motion in the Technological Age.    (Above: Relation, soda […]

Jason Holley: Chain Sculptures in Clay

Jason Holley’s raku chain sculptures are in the running for an RBC Emerging Artist People’s Choice award, a competition the public decides.  Holley, based in Newfoundland, says using clay for chainmail is tricky, requiring “a discipline and commitment I’ve not managed anywhere else in life.” (Watch him create in […]