Category: Ceramics

Eunice Luk: A Lot About the Sea

Toronto artist Eunice Luk does ceramics and illustration and is also the founder of Fantasy Camp Books, an independent publisher of artist books and zines.  We took a quick look at her work in a previous post, but it’s worth a closer exploration. (Above: Sea Butler) -From WNDW, […]

Anita Rocamora: An Ongoing Adventure

Saskatchewan artist Anita Rocamora says her work is an ongoing adventure of mind, imagination and hands, producing creations that are figurative, narrative and often humorous. -Wearing the Red Dress Mysteria Gallery says her exquisite figurative works “elicit feelings of joy, awareness, poetic whimsy and, most important, an intimate […]

Fantastical creatures, a little like Manga

Ceramic artist Grace Eunmi Lee focuses on the unnoticed details of everyday life by fashioning curious shapes that represent microscopic dust. (Click on the image above for a close-up view) “Her fantastical creatures are reminiscent of manga or folkloric characters and give shape to that which is overlooked […]

Gritty, Etched Ceramics Taking Hold

Ceramic Artist Shane Norrie is hot. His hand-thrown etched ceramic work is everywhere – on decor TV, in fall design magazines and on general exhibit. It’s part of a current focus on edgy pottery, led internationally by designers such as Jaime Hayon of Spain and Studio Job of […]