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Drainspotting in Japan

Leave it to Japan to put manhole covers into a street beautification program, creating art that is now a national obsession. Examples of the stunning drain covers are collected in Drainspotting, a book by British-Australian artist and film director Remo Camerota, who also blogs about them, here.  The […]

Rock Royalty Art Works up for Auction

This limited edition “Fish” Lithograph is by  Jerry Garcia of The Grateful Dead, done with Stanley Mouse, 1960s rock poster artist and designer of The Dead’s album covers. It’s one of the offerings in a Hollywood & Music Memorabilia extravaganza next month at Philip Weiss Auctions. The sale […]

Ellen Greene: The Tattoo’d Glove

Ellen Greene has been painting subversive imagery on vintage gloves since the 1990s.  The heavily inked artist explores the repressive implications of gloves with tattoo-inspired art.  Her work goes on exhibit this fall in a show called “Invisible Mother’s Milk” at Packer-Schopf gallery, Chicago. The custom-printed gloves are […]

Coffee House Culture: Wil Wong

Toronto illustrator Wil Wong has an eye for the culture of the urban coffee house, including each shop’s relationship with patrons and the street. These glimpses of life in the city’s bustling neighborhoods are as accurate as it gets. (Above: Rooster Cafe) Wong often includes progress information, and […]

Beau Dick: Masks to See & Then to Burn

Beau Dick, a Kwakwaka’wakw carver, based in Alert Bay, B.C., is on exhibition at Macaulay & Co. Fine Art in Vancouver in an unusual arrangement that speaks to the significance of the works. (Above: From Lattimer Gallery, Mourning Mask, an example of the exceptional range of this Pacific […]