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Meryl McMaster at McMichael

Canadian and Plains Cree photographer Meryl McMaster was an emerging artist when last profiled on Canadian Art Junkie 10 years ago. Now, a survey exhibition of her pioneering large-scale photographic works is about to open at one of Canada’s preeminent institutions, the National Gallery of Canada now holds […]

Eyeing Medusa

Multidisciplinary artist and musician Amanta Scott’s newest project – Eyeing Medusa – is a powerful and ambitious celebration of visionary women making a difference. Each painting’s title and story parallels a legendary heroine with a contemporary woman. Former Supreme Court Justice Rosalie Abella, for example, is paired with […]

The Ribbon Cage

These digital works by artist Hugo Valentine are about cultural and imposed restraints on behaviour and speech, the British artist says. The collection is called Ribbon Cage.

Jenn Thornhill Verma: Newfoundland Outports

NOTE: This piece is from the Art Junkie archives, reposted because the serene images remind us of the stark difference in so many Newfoundland outposts after Hurrican Fiona in late 2022. Jenn Thornhill Verma is a writer, artist and Newfoundlander descended from fishers, with a book about the […]