Category: Illustration

The Power Suit: Graffiti Style

Toronto artist Sam Shuter is fascinated by the suit. In bold colors, influenced by street art, stenciling and graffiti, she paints the strong lines of power dressing without revealing the faces of the men behind them. “[The suit] has represented something for decades; power, productivity, strength, economic prosperity, and hard work,” the […]

Coffee House Culture: Wil Wong

Toronto illustrator Wil Wong has an eye for the culture of the urban coffee house, including each shop’s relationship with patrons and the street. These glimpses of life in the city’s bustling neighborhoods are as accurate as it gets. (Above: Rooster Cafe) Wong often includes progress information, and […]

Michael Cho: Alleys & Urban Landscapes

Award winning artist and illustrator Michael Cho has been painting the back alleys and inconspicuous locations around his Toronto home since 2006. Earlier this year these works were collected and published into his new book: Back Alleys and Urban Landscapes (Montréal: Drawn & Quarterly, 2012). Born in Seoul, […]

Yuko Shimizu’s Culture-Melding Illustrations

Yuko Shimizu is a New York-based Japanese illustrator and instructor at the School of Visual Arts. Newsweek Japan chose her as one of “100 Japanese People The World Respects.” Her first self-titled monograph was released from German publisher Gestalten in 2011. The first children’s book will be out from Abrams […]

Elesavet Lawson’s Moody Textures

Elesavet Lawson’s illustrations are a complex mix of mood and texture. This award-winning Toronto-based artist’s work has appeared in everything from symphony programs to books and magazines. (Above: Adam & Eve) Running Water Together Pisces You had said, don’t leave me, and I begged you not to leave […]