Category: Illustration

Elesavet Lawson’s Moody Textures

Elesavet Lawson’s illustrations are a complex mix of mood and texture. This award-winning Toronto-based artist’s work has appeared in everything from symphony programs to books and magazines. (Above: Adam & Eve) Running Water Together Pisces You had said, don’t leave me, and I begged you not to leave […]

Eunice Luk: A Lot About the Sea

Toronto artist Eunice Luk does ceramics and illustration and is also the founder of Fantasy Camp Books, an independent publisher of artist books and zines.  We took a quick look at her work in a previous post, but it’s worth a closer exploration. (Above: Sea Butler) -From WNDW, […]

Tara Dougans: ‘And a Bee Sting’

The thing about Canadian-born, London-based Tara Dougans is that she’s so out there, it’s possible to miss her altogether.  But sites like Trendland have been following this edgy art director and illustrator for several years and she’s now a bit of a sensation. Her first short film, ‘Beware […]

Getting Lost in Henry McCausland

This work, with all its textured bits of minutiae, demonstrates how easy it is to get lost in Henry McCausland’s beautiful illustrations.  The British artist (he lives in Kent) deploys an exceptional color palette and the all-pervasive movement in many of his pieces is arresting.  See his website, […]