Category: Installation

On In Calgary: How the Wind Blows

  Barbara Sutherland’s Slip – on through Feb. 24 in Calgary – explores the intangible form of the wind. She works with cloth and sculpture to help us understand how we feel the wind on skin, how we hear it and how we see it blowing objects. She’s at […]

Nicole Dextras: Ice, Ice Baby

Environmental artist Nicole Dextras deconstructed garments and froze them in blocks of ice for a project called IceShifts.  An instructor at Emily Carr University in Vancouver, she is well-known for installations that reflect the elements, including her compostable garment Little Green Dress project. 

The Beeswax Art of Penelope Stewart

Montreal-born Penelope Stewart has transformed yet another room – this time in a California gallery – with her extraordinary architecture, covering the walls with succulents, baroque tiles and lotus pods all cast from beeswax.  The installation is part of a tribute to bees in a new exhibition called […]

Park Avenue Armory: Billowing in a Field of Swings

The Park Avenue Armory’s new installation by internationally recognized artist Ann Hamilton, revered for the sensory surrounds of her large-scale, multi-media installations, is making waves — waves from sound (a new recording every night) and waves of billowing fabric. The installation consists of 42 swings, a large billowing […]