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Quick Hits – Field Notes

A fascinating artist combination at the Varley Art Gallery of Markham opens this weekend with historic sketches from a Group of Seven icon together with animation and drawings by a contemporary Canadian artist. The exhibition Field Notes brings together works by F. H. Varley with works by Toronto artist […]


If you have been watching this blog since it began (in 2011), you may recall previous Art Junkie posts about the marvelous Elena Nuez, the Spanish industrial designer and artist who paints (mostly leaves). I can’t get enough of her inspiring palettes. Also, have a look at the […]

Quick Hits: Ernst Haeckel

  This year is the 100th anniversary of the death of evolutionary biologist, zoologist and artist Ernst Haeckel, often known as the German Darwin. These dazzling plates are from Haeckel’s Kunstformen der Natur, the Art Forms of Nature, published in 1904.

Flechtner: Nature’s Boundaries

Swiss artist Thomas Flechtner trains his lens on the natural world, highlighting forms, shapes and superabundant color. His series Sites focuses on the boundaries between natural wilderness and cultivated landscape, exploring the movement and vibrancy of the natural world.  (Above: Site 14, C-print mounted on aluminum, 55 1/4 x […]

Art That Nature Makes

Contemporary photographer Rosamond Purcell’s breathtaking pictures challenge accepted notions of death and decay, and blur the line between the natural and man-made worlds.  (Detail: Two Rooms exhibition, Tufts University)