Category: Nature

Dusk: The Magic Hour

Kudos to Navillus Gallery in Toronto for assembling a tribute to the Magic Hour,  the “time prior to dusk when surreal color has the power to transcend reality. (Above: August Sunset, Myles Macdonald) Mountain Lake, Philip Sybal Along The St. Lawrence,  Peter Fischer Fraser Valley, Anne Dalton Cottage […]

Laura Mitrow’s Natural Structures

Artist Laura Mitrow’s works reference natural structures such as antlers, bone, corals, shells and crustaceans. Her abstract constructions bridge the organic and inorganic worlds and merge life with art.  (Above: From an exhibition at Art Mûr gallery in Montreal) Abstracted Crustacean Study 2, Bronze, Patina Organic Structure 5, […]

‘Like a Reed in the Wind’ – Canoe Art

I’m not into canoeing.  I prefer the kayak.  But canoes are such a part of Canadian life that I am endlessly drawn to the often mystical imagery of paddling, especially in art. So many iconic Canadian moments are tied to canoeing, including the wilderness trips of Group of […]