Category: Painting

Adrian Williams: ‘Unrolled Telescopes’

Hamilton native Adrian Williams, an original member of Winnipeg’s Royal Art Lodge, usually draws on paper or wood and uses collage, paint, varnish and other miscellaneous material. Like many of the Lodge’s members, Williams normally incorporates a variety of media into his work, including found objects and consumer […]

Frank Danielson: Surfacing Color

Sudbury artist Frank Danielson’s paintings tantalize with the colorful melding of the real and imagined.   (Above: Westbound, 20 x 16″ acrylic on composite board / Below: Killarney) I allow experiences, images and emotions, assimilated by the unconscious, to resurface in my paintings. This is facilitated by contrasting an […]

Marcelo Suaznabar: Surreal Narratives

Surrealist narratives dominate the work of Marcelo Suaznabar, who moved to Canada in 2001 from Bolivia.  His early works focused on religious themes and then, he discovered the force of colour. He explored an “apocalypse” phase and now the Bolivian altiplano landscape is also evident in his work.  […]

Dusk: The Magic Hour

Kudos to Navillus Gallery in Toronto for assembling a tribute to the Magic Hour,  the “time prior to dusk when surreal color has the power to transcend reality. (Above: August Sunset, Myles Macdonald) Mountain Lake, Philip Sybal Along The St. Lawrence,  Peter Fischer Fraser Valley, Anne Dalton Cottage […]

Painting the Movies: John Abrams

Canadian artist John Abrams translates the screen onto canvas, where he paints recreations of famous scenes – from seduction and love to mystery and terror.  (Above: North by Northwest, Bus – 2011) In his series Painting Hitchcock, for instance, Abrams excerpts psychologically gripping scenes from a variety of the […]