Category: Painting

Kai McCall’s Enigmatic Narratives

Montreal-based Kai McCall’s languorous subjects always present a puzzle. “Like characters in a work of fiction,” he says, “the figures in my paintings confront challenges and conflicts as they navigate a variety of enigmatic situations and settings. I think of them as semi-autonomous individuals whose poses evolve as […]

Ian McLean’s Misbehaving Modernist Oils

Ian McLean’s mid-century modernist oils are claiming attention.  The Sarnia, Ontario high school art teacher has an exhibition-filled C.V.  and a way with paint that marks him as a talent to watch. His imagery has a 1960s feel but his color palette is more pop art/post impressionistic.

Stewart Jones: Urban Light & Shadows

Toronto artist Stewart Jones paints the light and shadows of the urban environment, spotlighting the angles and spaces of buildings and streetscapes.  He’s in a group exhibition of the Canadian Art Collective through Nov 30, 2012. “I am interested in what happens in shadows. How the cityscapes cut […]

Emily Carr meets Dr. Seuss

Vancouver artist Dana Irving’s stylized landscapes have been described as Emily Carr meets Dr. Seuss. She is inspired by the nature of the Pacific Northwest and is influenced by North American landscape painters of the 1930s and 40s. New works by Irving are on exhibit at Ian Tan […]

Costa Dvorezky: The Agile Circus Body

Costa Dvorezky’s new works – Zero Gravity – put the spotlight on the human body. The focus is on the  agility of acrobats suspended in mid-air on circus props such as hoops and the trapeze. Aerial acrobatics put the human figure at odds with gravity and, consequently, the […]

James Olley: Architectural Interpretations

Contemporary artist James Olley paints the familiar urban and suburban spaces that showcase architectural forms common in North American society. He uses oil, acrylic and pencil crayon on board or canvas. Olley is on exhibit at a survey of Master of Fine Arts internship award recipients at  University […]