Category: Photography

Louie Palu: Inside the Mexican Drug War

Girls dressed as angels pray at a crime scene where a young man was assassinated in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico “Mira Mexico” Louie Palu’s new show at Kinsman Robinson in Toronto is from his ground breaking project documenting violence, immigration, drug addiction and other issues flowing from the Mexican […]

Collected: Family Objects

Forence-based art director and photographer Camilla Catrambone pays homage to her family with these individualized portraits, focused on the treasured articles her loved ones have owned or worked with.  Marvelous composition. (Above: Grandma Ilva – Mario’s wife)

Andrew Emond: Night Water

Photographer Andrew Emond uses only the ambient light of the electrified city for this series called Diversions.  Done at night, these gorgeous works carry a luminosity that mimics daylight.  It’s part of Emond’s ongoing examination of  the effects that flood and erosion control systems have had Toronto’s network […]

Dark Childhood: ‘In the Playroom’

These award-winning, large-scale works by acclaimed photo artist and art director Jonathan Hobin show children enacting their versions of major events — the World Trade Center attacks, the murder of child beauty-queen JonBenét Ramsey, or the torture of prisoners at Abu Ghraib.  The dark themes of In the […]