Category: Photography

Steve McCurry: Spanning Cultures

You probably know this haunting shot (left) by photographer Steve McCurry, taken at Nasir Bagh refugee camp in Pakistan.  The 12-year-old girl had fled the mountains of Afghanistan after Soviet helicopters destroyed her village. The image was a cover of National Geographic in 1985, and has become one […]

Glow sticks to cheese balls

These hovering sculptures by Brooklyn based photographer Thomas Jackson were inspired by the self-organizing, “emergent” systems in nature, such as schooling fish and flocking birds. “By constructing the pieces of unexpected materials,” he says, “and placing them in environments where they seem least to belong, I aim to […]

Arctic Wonderment

In this time-lapse footage, photographer Terje Sørgjerd’s Arctic Light reveals the power of a natural phenomenon that occurs 2-4 weeks before you can see the Midnight Sun. “The Sunset and Sunrise are connected in one magnificent show of color and light lasting from 8 to 12 hours,” he […]

Margaret Watkins: Domestic Symphonies

Hamilton born photographer Margaret Watkins made her name in the 1920s as a commercial wunderkind.  She was a leader in making soap, cigarettes and other household objects attractive and desirable. Now, almost 100 of her once forgotten works are on exhibit in a retrospective at the National Gallery […]

Seliger: Brilliant Portraiture

What else is there to say about these shots by photographer Mark Seliger except he’s brilliant with portraits. The one of John Malkovich (above) is from his Look & Listen exhibition. As chief photographer for Rolling Stone, he produced over 125 covers and now is at Conde Nast […]

Mary Anderson: Section 265

This is an important exhibit, with such heartbreaking visuals. Ryerson University photo-based art student Mary Anderson opens at  I.M.A. gallery with Section 265, an image map of 12 cases of sexual assault that took place on Toronto streets last year. The name comes from the Section of the […]