Category: Photography

An Eye for Composition

I’ve posted about this young, emerging photographer before and her recent work shows just as much promise. Myles Katherine, based in Portland, Oregon, has a superb eye and a way with composition. Have a look at more of her work on Tumblr, Flickr and her Facebook. (Click on […]

Madness in Callon’s ‘Houses of Fiction’

Photo artist Julia Callon’s Houses of Fiction  is fascinating.  The series is a hybrid of  photography and small-scale models. Drawing on Victorian literature, the works reflect a woman’s ‘place’ in society, expressed through domestic spaces. Each story is a diptych. The first image represents the passive, obedient woman, the […]

Cricket’s Knee, Spider’s Skin

You don’t have to be a science geek to appreciate the power over nature of an electron microscope.  These massively magnified shots are humbling, often puzzling, even disorienting. (Above: Mosquito eyes)  These images are distributed by FEI Company, which produces electron microscopes for nanoscale research by scientists, engineers […]

Gray Malin: Bliss from the air

Gray Malin’s compelling photography began as a Los Angeles flea market venture. He captured attention in the celebrity and interior design circuit and now has a major fine art photo company.  A one-time aide to the president of Paramount Pictures, the young Hollywood-based artist shot these summer bliss […]

Gudnason: Glamorous Blossoms

Well known fashion photographer Torkil Gudnason often breaks from the runway with fine art flowers, composed to show the same sinuous glamor as the models he usually shoots. The Danish-born, New York based Gudnason  uses exaggerated lighting and colored filters to amplify the colors, and fragility, of the […]

Tracey Conley’s Abandoned Places

Hamilton-based Tracey Conley has an eye for abandoned things and places, and a knack for color. A web designer by occupation, photography is a hobby for the time being. She prints primarily on canvas, working with techniques to give the photographs a painted feel. (Above: Old Time Street […]