Category: Photography

Doomsday Photography

Italian photographer Marco Matteucci named this textured photo “Doomsday,” perhaps irresistible to the attuned psyche.  Its darkness is offset by a subsequent shot infused with light, part of his Through the Viewfinder series. Above: Echoes / Below: Escape from Darkness

Succumbing to Sea & Sky

New York based artist Serge Hamad is best known as an activist who creates works to expose human-rights abuses, censorship, imprisonment, and persecution. But the Algeria-born Hamad makes room in his work for more light-hearted fare, including his Relax series of sun-soaked moments on Venice Beach. A veteran […]

Lizzie Vickery’s Photo Montages

Vancouver-born photo artist Lizzie Vickery does a wide variety of edgy work, including these engrossing montages. The London-based Ryerson University graduate also does exquisite miniatures (see those here). Lizzie Vickery’s website, here. These images are from Art Interiors, Toronto, here.

Bennett: Witty Surrealism

If you’re a fan of ultra-creative digital photography, you may already know about Bavaria-based Chris Bennett, whose work is as witty as it is surreal.   (Above: Giraffe Bird, from his Circus Animalia portfolio) Hannibal, from the Fables & Myths series. Of Viescheid (Return of the herds from […]

Hallbert: Photo Magic

Swedish artist Rebecka Hallbert charges ordinary scenes with such extraordinary colors, they seem to vibrate.  She says she colors her photographs (with chalk and watercolor) to both highlight and hide the original, and to “improve a memory, fill it with magic.” Rebecka Hallbert’s website, here. Her Facebook, here.

Chaskielberg: About the Light

There’s just something about the light in these works by Alejandro Chaskielberg,  a former photojournalist and documentary filmmaker known for his large-scale color photographs of  the Paraná River Delta near Buenos Aires, Argentina. Top:  Grocery Boat Raquel ;  Above: The Caraguata Cultural Centre Fascinated by remote communities and their […]