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‘Dead Troops Talk’ Goes for $3.6 Million

Canadian artist Jeff Wall’s famed large-format Dead Troops Talk went for $3.6 million at Christie’s New York this week, making the work the most expensive Canadian photo ever sold at auction. The original estimate was $1.5 to $2 million for the 90  x 164″ work,  Dead Troops Talk (A […]

UPDATED: Benning’s Dollhouse on Fire

Heather Benning’s life-size  dollhouse- a popular entry in last year’s Contact Photography Festival – is now a burned ruin. The western Canadian artist torched it, saying she plans an exhibition called Death of the Dollhouse.  See more on the WP blog ReadReidRead, where the story about Benning’s act […]

Elliott Wilcox: Climbing the Walls

Elliott Wilcox’s fascination with the leisure spaces of our world prompted a set of photographs of empty indoor climbing chambers for his series, Walls.   His lens transforms the artificial landscapes into abstract works of art. Elliott Wilcox is a London-based, British photographer, and a recent MA in photographic […]

Hungary: Desolation & Isolation

Documentary photographer Tamas Dezso offers a look at the desolation, and beauty, of the people and places left behind in Hungary’s 20-year transition out of Communism. (Above: Night Watchman, Budapest 2009) -Soviet Military Painting (Kiskunlachaza, 2012) The map of Hungary is speckled with capsules of time. During the […]

Illustrating Leaves of Grass

Walt Whitman’s epic American poetry is the fulcrum for a photography exhibition at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts through the end of this year.  In 1941, influential photographer Edward Weston was invited to illustrate Whitman’s Leaves of Grass, inspiring Weston and his wife, Charis, on a cross-country […]

Myles Katherine: ‘Cold Shoulder’

I fell in love with this photograph tonight while browsing the wonderful website of Myles Katherine. “Cold Shoulder,” her ephemeral image from a trip to Scotland, is mesmerizing. The shot will appear in an exhibit opening May 4 at Black Box Gallery in Portland Oregon. Myles Katherine is […]